Design Den Maker

Join the Mayborn Museum Complex this summer for Design Den Maker Camps! Design Den is all about making, tinkering and creating. Campers ages 8-10 have two cool camp options. At Super Storytelling June 24-25, campers will create stories with fun tools like stop motion. At Tinkering, Tools, and Take Apart
July 22-23, they’ll safely use tools to construct unique creations. Cost for each of these two-day camps is $75 per child or $60 for museum members. Campers ages 11-14 can get in on the fun too! At Once Upon a Code June 26-28, campers use programming to create digital stories. At “Maker Extreme” July 24-26, they’ll explore some favorites including circuits, soldering and woodworking. Cost for each of these three-day camps is $115 per child or $100 for museum members. All camps run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, call 254/710-1110 or visit www.maybornmuseum.com.

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