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Deandra Grant Law opened its doors in 1994 and has helped thousands of clients get their criminal or DWI charges reduced or dismissed. Led by Super Lawyer®, Deandra Grant and Douglas Huff, the team is committed to excellence. Grant, a former prosecutor, is an international speaker on DWI law, science and trial skills and is the author of the Texas DWI Manual, now in its 10th edition. She has gained great insight into the criminal justice process from both sides of the courtroom and understands that any successful defense requires intelligence, strategy and the talent to present a persuasive and compelling case to the jury. Her team is fully equipped and qualified to offer you the effective defense strategies necessary to secure a favorable outcome.

With their new location on Austin Avenue, DGL is excited to bring their award-winning criminal defense representation to Waco. Specializing in criminal and DWI defense, Deandra Grant is known as “The Lawyer Lawyers Call.” With nearly 30 years of experience, the lawyers at DGL have the knowledge and legal skills required to help defendants reach positive case outcomes, even in the face of the most serious charges. They are zealous advocates and formidable litigators and are ready to defend the rights and advocate for their clients. At their office, they work relentlessly with clients to protect their legal rights and freedom. They thoroughly investigate all criminal or DWI charges to ensure that client’s rights have not been breached during the arrest or post-arrest procedures. Those that work within the criminal justice system know how important the quality of a criminal lawyer is to the final outcome of a case. Poor representation, lack of energy on the case and inexperience could result in a less than favorable verdict. It’s imperative that you have an experienced trial lawyer representing you, who is personally committed to your freedom and your cause. The attorneys at Deandra Grant Law know how to navigate the justice system for the benefit of their clients and how to bring a compelling case to court. Their criminal attorneys are available to discuss your legal problem and your defense. When you choose the Deandra Grant Law team, you can be confident that you will receive the personalized legal solutions that you need and the supportive assistance that you deserve!

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