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What makes D1 Training different from other training facilities/gyms in the community?
With D1, you’re not joining a gym, you’re joining a team (a team that becomes family). The D1 Waco culture is unlike anything you have ever experienced in a gym or fitness center. They are faith-driven, character-centered with a mission to motivate and inspire all to be their best and achieve their goals. The D1 Environment: train at your own pace, high energy, motivating atmosphere, small group training with professional coaches, personal training style experience, multiple workouts offered six days/week (5 a.m-8 p.m.), 54-minute workout. D1 provides athletic-based training programs in a high energy environment for both youth and adults regardless of fitness level including the D1 Scholastic Training built for athletes ages 7 to 18 and focuses on foundational athleticism through fine- tuned skill specific elite programming. Key areas of focus are speed, strength, agility, and explosiveness. The Adult Training Program consists of motivating and challenging boot camps and strength training. The small group workouts are competitive and create accountability. Another fad, another theory, another wall of mirrors and treadmills won’t cut it. That’s why at D1, they’ve worked with the most elite minds in the industry to engineer a high-performance 54-minute workout that will help your body realize its maximum potential regardless of experience. All they ask from you is the dedication to show up. You pick the goal, they help you get there. D1 members love the services, the facilities and the hands-on experience they receive at D1 Training. Individual and family memberships mean that D1 can become the fitness destination for the whole family. Contact them to receive a free assessment and one-week membership to experience what has Wacoans so excited about getting and staying in shape.

D1 Waco

5100 Franklin Avenue, Suite B

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