Creative Waco

Waco’s Local Arts Agency

Creative Waco is a nonprofit organization with a vision to grow and support a thriving cultural and creative community in Waco. Through partnerships with the city, arts organizations, and community leaders, the team at Creative Waco helps fund, strategize and build relationships that advance Waco’s Cultural Plan. They established the State designation of Waco’s Downtown Cultural District, showcased Waco artists at the Texas State Capitol, and helped open a permanent art gallery, event, and creative studio space downtown. Creative Waco invests in innovative arts projects through its “Arts Match Program”. With investment from local benefactors, it is bringing more than 25 animal sculptures to the Brazos riverbank to celebrate Cameron Park Zoo’s 25th anniversary. It recently launched ArtPrenticeship, a creative workforce program which partners high school students with professional artists to learn how to manage public art projects. Visit CreativeWaco.org to learn more and discover a wealth of resources and information.

Creative Waco

712 Austin Avenue

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