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Compleo Physical Therapy & Wellness knows that nothing is more important than your health. The highly qualified therapists and counselors at Compleo use custom crafted, individualized treatment plans to get you moving and keep you moving pain free. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or a new injury—make Compleo your first call. All physical therapy sessions last at least 45 minutes with hands on service from a Doctor of Physical Therapy; not an assistant or technician. Compleo serves all populations in the Central Texas community and offers specialty programs for scoliosis, chronic pain and pediatric patients. Compleo has already touched many lives in Waco. From helping a young adult suffering from chronic pain work again, keeping young children with scoliosis out of surgery, assisting adult scoliosis patients find pain free living, to seeing babies crawl and walk for the first time, Compleo serves Waco. Compleo combines a Registered Dietitian, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Physical Therapist for a complete approach to your health and wellness. Compleo’s unique combination of professionals raises the level of care and offers holistic treatment for patients whether they suffer from chronic pain, eating disorders, traumatic injury, other movement challenges or are seeking optimized athletic performance. Kelsey Baas, Doctor of Physical Therapy, opened Compleo after years working at Texas Children’s Hospital and recognizing the importance of multi-disciplinary care. As the only Schroth Certified Therapist between Dallas and Austin, Kelsey provides unique, conservative and evidence-based treatment for scoliosis. Be on the lookout for Compleo’s community events, including developmental workshops for your baby, community Tai Chi, and more. Call Compleo today for your complimentary discovery visit to learn more about the clinic and how they can serve you and your family.

Compleo Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC

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