Chad Latino, D.D.S.

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Nine years ago, Dr. Latino started a practice with one vision in mind: to give each and every patient the best experience they have ever had. Sometimes that involves just a cleaning and others come in with comprehensive needs. Either way, Dr. Latino meets with his team each morning to discuss each patient and how they can give them a great visit. That vision along with dedication has led to one of the top dental offices in Waco. The office will surprise you in that it feels more like home than a dental office, yet it has all of the modern state-of-the-art amenities, including digital x-rays and intra oral photography. Dr. Latino and his team of professionals have spent countless hours in learning all the modern dental technology including tooth colored fillings, metal-free crowns, TMJ treatment, implants, sedation and their newest service, sleep apnea/snoring treatment. The most important skill that Dr. Latino and his team spend time on weekly is listening. “We listen to what the patient wants rather than what we think they need,” Dr. Latino said. “Once we have connected and truly understand what it is that they want, then and only then do we come up with treatment solutions.” When you combine a state-of-the-art, comfortable environment with the excellent service Dr. Latino’s office provides, you can’t help but have happy patients. Whether it’s a cleaning or something more, Dr. Latino and his team are looking forward to meeting you and giving you the kind of experience you deserve.
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Chad Latino, D.D.S.

6701 Sanger Avenue, Suite 101

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