Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas

Compassionate Care. Practical Support. Accurate Information.

An unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease scare can be overwhelming and confusing for many young women, but the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas is here to help by providing a myriad of free, confidential medical services, education and counseling and support programs for women, moms and expecting mothers. In existence as a volunteer initiative since 1984, Care Net has grown into a million-dollar budget with professional paid staff, three properties and a mobile clinic. It is a Christian pro-life agency working with the “church” to meet the needs of God’s people with grace, compassion and generosity. Since 2004, they have provided free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, case management, parenting and life-skills classes, baby supplies, first trimester prenatal care, postpartum doulas to new mothers, in-home care after delivery and more. Their promise is built on compassionate care, practical support and accurate information. For those women seeking care, they provide a confidential atmosphere to discuss pregnancy options and sexual health; practical support with physical and practical daily needs; and accurate information with the facts about pregnancy, abortion risks and sexual health. In 2016, Care Net opened a center for new and expectant mothers with children who are facing homelessness. At their Guest House, they seek to assist those moms by providing for their housing and other needs to regain their independence, so they and their children may thrive. While preparing a mother to leave their facility, they expect to have several core needs established such as permanent housing, child care, employment, transportation, education and medical care. Opportunities to volunteer range from teaching classes to office support. To join Care Net in its mission to serve women and children, donate to the endowment fund at Waco Foundation or contact them to join the family of volunteers and be a part of empowering women to choose life.

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas

800 West Waco Drive | 254/772-8270
1818 Columbus Avenue | 254/772-6175

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