Camille Johnson, Realtors

Camille Johnson, Owner/Broker

Camille Johnson has had an exciting past year. In September 2016, she began Camille Johnson, Realtors. With 13 hard-working, seasoned agents, Camille Johnson, Realtors is one of the top real estate agencies in the area serving all of McLennan County. Camille has been an agent for 31 years and achieved her broker’s license last year. She has been a top agent for much of her career, crediting her love of people as the key to her success. She enjoys guiding her buyers and sellers effectively through their transactions and does so seamlessly due to her knowledge of the market and years of experience. Camille loves helping her clients with the largest purchase of their lives, which sometimes coincides with a big life change. Sometimes buying and selling is not a happy time, and Camille works hard to help her clients through the good and the bad. Camille could not function without her two assistants, Maggie Moore and Karen Patterson. Together they make a great team!

Camille Johnson, Realtors

104 Midway Center

Best of Waco

Realtor (2003-2016)

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