Cameron Park Zoo

Escape Your Natural Habitat & Introduce Yourself to Ours

Cameron Park Zoo is Waco’s 52 acre AZA (Association of Zoos & Aquariums) accredited natural habitat zoo whose mission is to promote conservation awareness, cultural enrichment through education and recreation, to be a survival center for native and exotic animal species, and an active community partner in economic development through tourism. The zoo serves families, students from early childhood to college, and older adults. The zoo provides educational programs on conservation efforts for both animals and their habitats. The zoo is now a destination, with last year’s attendance at its highest with 256,750 guests; over 60 percent of the guests came from 50 plus miles. Based on the formula provided by the State of Texas Tourism Department, guests spending dollars contributed $14,263,782 to the local economy.

Cameron Park Zoo

1701 North 4th Street

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