Briana Gay Baker, RDH

Stonehaven Dental & Orthodontics

Briana graduated with an Associates of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. Her love of helping people combined with her drive to make smiles beautiful is what pushed her to pursue her dreams as a dental hygienist. With the support of her husband Mathieu and her son Keller, she serves her community full time at Stonehaven Dental & Orthodontics with a fantastic staff that has since become family. Briana began her journey in hopes to help people understand that a healthy mouth should be a priority in overall systemic health. Briana contributes her professional growth to her remarkable peers, friends and family. Her passion lies in community outreach and assisting her patients in being the best possible versions of themselves with a bright and healthy smile.

Briana Gay Baker, RDH

824 Hewitt Drive, Suite 300