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When you trust Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas with the care of your eyes our their highly trained and experienced team concentrates you can count on achieving the most successful surgical outcome. By using the most advanced technology available in eye surgery, custom vision outcomes are possible. Patients no longer need to drive to larger cities to receive world-class services. In fact, many patients at Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas are now free of glasses or contacts following cataract surgery. Russell E. Swann, M.D., FACS is the founder of Brazos Eye and has been recognized for his diagnostic skills, experience and excellence in patient care for the past 38 years. He proudly welcomed his son, Forrest Beau Swann, M.D., to his ophthalmology practice in 2018. Dr. Beau Swann sets the standard in quality vision correction as the area’s only ophthalmologist who is Fellowship Trained in Cornea and Refractive Surgery. Brazos Eye Surgery is one of the elite ophthalmology practices in the country and the only one in Central Texas to offer laser assisted cataract surgery using LENSAR femto-second technology.
In 2019, Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas re-introduced LASIK vision correction surgery to Waco and is the only practice in the area to conveniently offer on-site LASIK surgery.
The use of advanced ORA technology allows their surgeon to customize each patient’s lens measurements during the time of surgery. Additionally, the utilization of 3-D surgery with TruVision technology, gives their patients confidence in achieving their vision correction goals. “I’m so proud of the team at Brazos Eye,” said Russell E. Swann, M.D. “Their rare blend of personal commitment and professionalism in patient care combined with the knowledge and skills that my son offers our patients makes me confident that the future of ophthalmology is bright in Waco.” Call Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas for an appointment to see what your future can hold. Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas is your clear choice for clear vision.

Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas

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Ophthalmologist, Russell E. Swann, M.D., 2010

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