Bosque Arts Center

“I Can’t Believe This is in Clifton.”

These words are frequently heard as people step into the Bosque Arts Center. This non-profit organization, operational since 1982, houses all facets of the visual and performing arts. The guilds and subgroups found here host a variety of activities: concerts, live theatre, workshops, culinary events, literary meetings and youth day camps, as well as art, quilt, photo, literary and songwriting competitions and shows. The Jones Gallery houses a permanent collection of representational art while the Atrium Gallery hosts solo artist exhibits. Celebrities like the Gatlin Brothers and Ray Wylie Hubbard perform here, including Bill Anderson coming in November. Deemed “an outstanding example of a community art center in a rural area” by the Texas Commission on the Arts, this three-story complex (available for rentals) holds two performance/event venues, classrooms, pottery studio and gift shop.

Bosque Arts Center

215 South College Hill Drive, Clifton

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