Bishop Louis Reicher Catholic School

Bishop Louis Reicher Catholic School has been providing Catholic education to students in the Waco community for over 65 years. Their commitment to excellence has led them to make significant progressive developments in recent years. In 2019, Reicher Catholic High School and St. Louis Catholic School merged to form a stronger Catholic institution, which has brought renewed energy to their school. They welcome families who are seeking a college preparatory learning environment in mathematics and critical thinking while also being nurtured in mind and heart through the study of Theology and the Humanities. Their traditional classical model provides a unique approach to education, and their Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist have authored a program that helps children grow in character by focusing on the seven theological and cardinal virtues. They are excited to continue providing an excellent education to students in Pre-K3-12th grade and helping form them into Christ-like, well-rounded and joyful individuals.

Bishop Louis Reicher Catholic School

2204 North 23rd Street

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Preschool, 2021-2023
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