Becca McCormack

Refine31, Founder and Instructor

Refine31 was created and built out of a need to find authentic community and redefine what health looks like. Owner and founder Becca McCormack and her dedicated instructors are on a mission to end the battle of negative body image once and for all. With the combination of low impact workouts and an encouraging atmosphere, the Refine31 team hopes to make a positive impact on the Waco community – one member at a time. Specializing in group classes that cultivate a family environment, Refine31 offers barre and indoor cycling with both incorporating light weights. Barre focuses on small movements that stimulate muscular endurance but are easy on the joints. Cycling clients find themselves getting lost in the music as they ride to the rhythm of their favorite songs.

Becca McCormack

8810 Woodway Drive, Suite 501

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