Animal Birth Control Clinic

Happiness, Health and Safety for Animals and People

The Animal Birth Control Clinic team believes that every cat and dog in Central Texas deserves a happy, healthy life at home with a loving family of their own. The services are made affordable and accessible to keep animals out of shelters, rescues and off the streets. Last year, 12,374 animals received spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and more. The clinic will soon begin caring for additional underserved animals through the Transport and Resource Van Program starting in mid-2018. Services at Animal Birth Control Clinic are performed by licensed veterinarians on staff and skilled, caring technicians. The fall Dogtoberfest fundraiser and community donations make the difference for helping the animals and neighbors in the Greater Waco area. Find out how you can help by emailing animalbirthcontrol@sbcglobal.net or visiting animalbirthcontrol.org.

Animal Birth Control Clinic

3238 Clay Avenue

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