Anel Perales

Perales Home Selling Team

Anel Perales and her team are dedicated to helping people find their forever home with her at Keller Williams. She is the number one agent in Waco per MLS, with the most sold properties and placed second in the region for sold properties in Texas, New Mexico and the Memphis region. Anel’s success comes from her expertise in ways to advertise properties and the ins and outs of selling property, making the process as easy for her clients as possible.

For nine years, Anel has led the Perales Home Selling Team. Her team consists of Realtor Sandy G. Ortiz, Transaction Coordinator Dalia Cardenas, Listing Coordinator Karen Perez and Marketing Director Suset Flores. The support and professionalism between these ladies, alongside the open communication with clients is how the team meets every goal. From closing deals to building relationships, the Perales Home Selling Team does it with passion and ensure that the client knows what is going on every step of the way, whether they are buying or selling.

Perales Home Selling Team

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