Amir Hamilton

Vanguard College Preparatory School

Q: What are your study tips?
A: It’s helpful to put your phone away and find someplace where you can sit in the quiet and focus on whatever you are studying.
Q: What is one thing you wish you’d known in your freshman year?
A: How to manage all of the things I was doing and how to better manage my time.
Q: What are your school and community involvements?
A: I play varsity tennis and soccer. I’m student council president, president of the Latin club, and I’m a member of NHS and Mu Alpha Theta. I am the captain of the speech and debate team and our challenge team, and I’m captain of the certamen team, and I also do one-act play. I’m also in mock trial. In my community, I volunteer as a mentor at Mountainview Elementary School.
Q: What do you plan to do after graduation?
A: I don’t know where I am going yet, and I’m not sure what I would like to study. Perhaps history or English.
Q: What has been your favorite subject?
A: I really like English. I like analyzing different things and seeing different ways a text can be interpreted.
Q: What has been your most challenging subject?
A: Calculus this year. It’s the class I’ve had to put the most time into learning and understanding.
Q: What one word describes you best?
A: Curious.
Q: What is your proudest accomplishment thus far?
A: Being the champions of the Waco Rotary Club Challenge Competition for the past two years.

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