Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children

Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children provides hope and healing to survivors of sexual assault and other violent crimes in six Central Texas counties through case management, unlimited counseling sessions and a 24/7 crisis hotline. Volunteer advocates answer the hotline after regular business hours and accompany sexual assault survivors to both Waco hospitals where they stay with that person during the entire exam. Sexual assault forensic examiners perform exams at both Waco hospitals. Forensic interviews and medical exams are provided to children under 18 that have been abused, if abuse is suspected or if they have witnessed a crime. Prevention and Education staff give presentations at schools, universities and other youth-based and community organizations to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that may lead to the perpetration of sexual violence. Prevention programming seeks to help youth develop socially and personally by facilitating discussions and activities on topics that encourage non-academic development such as empathy, respect, healthy relationships, emotions and conflict resolution. All services are free. For more information on services or volunteer opportunities call 254/752-9330 or visit our website at advocacycntr.org.

Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children

3312 Hillcrest Drive