Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children

From Victims to Victors

The Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children’s mission is to promote healing of children and crime victims through culturally sensitive advocacy, collaboration, prevention and treatment. The yearly Pinwheels for Prevention campaign usually kicks off during the month of April for Child Abuse Awareness Month but the campaign was rescheduled for #givingtuesdaynow, which started May 5 to meet the unprecedented needs for non-profits caused by COVID-19. Thanks to a great community response, Pinwheels for Prevention is extended throughout Summer 2020. The pinwheel connotes whimsy and childlike notions, and serves as a reminder of the great childhoods they strive to create for all children. Children raised in supportive and stable environments are more academically and financially successful and able to grow into productive, contributing adults who help their community and country prosper and compete in the global economy. For a $20 donation, a pinwheel ambassador will deliver your pinwheel with contactless delivery to your home or business. Or have one delivered to a local nursing home, assisted living facility or purchase one in honor of an ACCVC employee.

Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children

3312 Hillcrest Drive

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