Advent Orthopaedics

Orthopaedic Hand, Fracture, Joint and Spine Care

Since 2011, Total Trauma Care has provided world-class orthopedic trauma care to greater Waco, allowing patients to recover close to home and among family without leaving the local community in search of quality care. Constantly evolving to provide the highest level of healthcare possible, Total Trauma Care is pleased to announce that it has founded the Advent Healthcare family, and has changed its name to Advent Orthopaedics. Advent Orthopaedics was created in response to a critical need in healthcare delivery in the local community.
Advent’s founders, Drs. Brent Bauer and Lance Ellis, believe passionately that quality healthcare should have no borders or limits. That’s why Advent Orthopaedics is expanding its service line to care for patients in need of orthopaedic hand, joint, and spine care in addition to continued commitment to the care of critically injured patients.

Advent partners with premier medical facilities to respond to the needs of severely injured patents with one goal in mind – to save lives. We provide emergency room and hospital coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We also provide non-emergent care for patients who prefer to have their fracture cared for by trained specialists and we accept orthopaedic referrals from primary care physicians ad urgent care centers.

The physicians at Advent Orthopaedics are providing more than orthopaedic care – they’re changing people’s lives. They pride themselves on being compassionate patient educators who help people understand their injuries, the available treatments and expected outcomes. All of Advent’s orthopaedic surgeons come from premier residency and fellowship training programs across the United States, and they all share our passion and vision for helping people. In the coming months, Advent Healthcare will be expanding its offering of services to include other medical specialties, and we are excited to continue growing with Waco. The patients and situations change, but our mission remains the same: to partner with your healthcare facility to provide the highest level of care to patients injured in our community.

If injury occurs, let Advent Orthopaedics help you reach your recovery goals. On your worst day, our physicians are at their best.

Advent Orthopaedics, An Advent Healthcare Company

3500 Hillcrest Drive, Suite 1
Waco, TX 76708

Brent Bauer, M.D.
Lance Ellis, D.O.
Augusta Kluk, M.D.