Advanced Pain Care

The Pain Stops Here

At Advanced Pain Care, patients will work with doctors and nurses trained in the latest science-based treatment options. These include expert medication management and targeted nerve injections to treat damaged nerves and joints. One of the biggest problems in the world of pain today is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. This means back surgery has been performed and the result is even more pain than before the surgery. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common results of back surgery, and one of the most common reasons patients come to our clinic. Recent medical advances allow us to place tiny electrodes along damaged nerves in the back, which block pain signals. The device used to block pain signals, called a neurostimulator, or a “pacemaker for the spine,” is covered by Medicare and most insurance. The procedure is done in our outpatient center in about an hour. Advanced Pain Care’s goal is to rapidly achieve pain relief while avoiding surgery. Sometimes that can be done in the very first office visit. Dr. Mark T. Malone is the founder and Medical Director of Advanced Pain Care. A former instructor at Baylor College of Medicine, he is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management. Dr. Malone leads a team of six doctors and twelve nurse practitioners and physicians assistants in seven locations around Central Texas. Advanced Pain Care offers accurate diagnosis and rapid treatment. We specialize in treating all types of chronic pain including back, neck, headache, post surgical pain, cancer pain, neuropathy and fibromyalgia. Same or next day appointments are always available. In most cases, no referral is necessary. Advanced Pain Care accepts most insurance plans. THE PAIN STOPS HERE!

Advanced Pain Care


Mark Malone M.D.
David Martincheck, M.D. Ryan Michaud M.D.
Srinand Mandyam M.D. Allen Dennis M.D.
Asad Nawaz M.D.