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The Pain Stops Here

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. With that philosophy, Dr. Mark Malone helps patients understand they have the choice and the power to reclaim their lives. A board certified pain specialist, Dr. Malone is the founder of Advanced Pain Care (APC), a pain management practice with eight locations including a large Waco office. Dr. Malone added Dr. Rizwan Khan to his medical team at Advanced Pain Care in Waco three years ago after recognizing Dr. Khan’s ability to empathize with chronic pain patients and desire to ensure patients are treated with respect and immediate attention. APC focuses on patient-centered medical care and because they specialize in pain management, many patients experience relief after only one visit, according to Dr. Malone. Dr. Khan and the experienced staff take a conservative approach to treatment and work with each patient to achieve a customized pain management plan. Pain may afflict all regions of the body including the back, neck and hips and musculoskeletal pain. Specific chronic pain includes cancer pain, post-surgical pain, post-trauma pain, fibromyalgia, neuralgia and neuropathy, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc and joint disease, sacroiliac joint pain, migraines and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. APC offers various treatment options including prescription drugs, targeted nerve injections and a non-narcotic neurostimulator. Every treatment offered focuses on innovation, accuracy and minimal recovery time. APC staff are proud to be able to see patients the same or next day in most cases. “When a patient is in that kind of pain, he or she shouldn’t have to wait until next week or next month to receive treatment,” Dr. Malone said. “We hope to go a long way in improving our patients’ experience in the doctor’s office and, ultimately, their quality of life.” Drs. Malone and Khan are board-certified pain specialists. Originally from Waco, Dr. Malone is committed to ensuring that, “The pain stops here.”

Advanced Pain Care

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