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Get Active, Be Active, Live Active

Rehabilitation care and healthcare, in general, have changed so much in the last several years. Everything is different! In response to the evolving times, the clinical team at Active Therapy Group (formerly Active Sports Physical Therapy) has also changed and adapted. Our capabilities have expanded, and we have undertaken a variety of specialized trainings to serve the community better as a direct access provider.
As a direct access provider, you may now book an appointment directly with us prior to visiting your healthcare provider.
The real driving force behind the creation of the Active Therapy Group is to counter the one-size-fits-all approach to therapy and to be able to offer individualized treatments to address each patient’s unique needs.
Since 2019, Active Therapy Group has strived to create a culture of competent and exceptional physical and occupational clinicians to promote a comprehensive and collaborative approach to each client’s specific needs.
Each specialist in the group brings a specific dynamic, knowledge, and experience base to serve patients. Most importantly, our clinicians strive to treat each patient with dignity, respect and focus while creating hands-on, evidence-based, specific treatment protocols to cater to the individual instead of simply a diagnosis code.
Active Therapy Group is rooted in this community. We are personally invested in each patients’ care. We also aim to empower and surround everyone that comes through our doors to learn to “Get Active, Be Active, Live Active.”
We are Active Therapy Group, and we would be honored to be a part of your rehabilitative process. You have the right to choose where you go, so give Active Therapy Group a call and see how we can help. Please find us at our new location starting March 2022.
331 West State Highway 6, Suite G.

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Active Therapy Group

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