For the eighth year in a row Waco has named 855bugs.com “Waco’s Best Pest Control Company.” 855bugs.com is proud to serve the Waco community and is thankful to its customers for their loyalty and continued support. 855bugs.com’s customers love the fact that their pest control company is just a local call away to take care of their needs. 855bugs.com believes that living local means valuing their customers’ homes as well as their businesses. 855bugs.com uses pet and family friendly products to protect homes and business from termites, bed bugs and other pests. 855bugs.com also offers free inspections, quality services and convenient “Don’t Bug Me” quarterly pest control plans to keep your home protected throughout the year. The team’s goal is to demonstrate professionalism, initiative and integrity by ensuring that they put their customers first and help them in every way that they can. 855bugs.com’s mission is to exceed customer expectations and provide service in an effective and environmentally responsible manner. From their friendly staff to their quality guaranteed services, 855bugs.com strives to carry their mission into every home they step into. Call today to get your free inspection and let 855bugs.com protect you from pests.


8807 Woodway Drive

Best of Waco

Pest Control (2010-2017)

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