Set Off in Style

By Avery Ballmann and McKenna Joyce

Building a capsule wardrobe for your summer adventures

Summer months mean weekend trips with friends and week-long excursions with family. Although vacations are relaxing, the whole process leading up to your trip can be a whirlwind, and thinking of what to wear during the adventures you’re setting forth on might make the trip seem more overwhelming than it needs to be. But here’s a tip: keep it simple this summer. Whether it’s your closet or your suitcase, opt for a capsule wardrobe made up of easy pieces you can mix and match with little to no thought in mind. The beauty of everything selected this month is that every piece can be reworked to create several different outfits without the bulk, so you don’t have to wear the same pairing twice on your trip.

According to “Vogue”, the white t-shirt is their capsule wardrobe MVP, so we took this idea and added our own twist to it. Our “classic” white t-shirt is the Grae Apparel crop top. The boxy fit and frockets adds flair to any bottom, as well as comfort which is key for travel. White tops are so easy to pair in a capsule wardrobe, so we added a tank top into the rotation for those hotter days. This white corset top has brown stitching details to add a small hint of color to a very neutral piece. And while a white t-shirt is a good staple, so is a graphic tee. Paired with shorts, jeans and skirts, it can easily be dressed up or down while also adding more color and patterns to your wardrobe. 

For bottoms, we wanted to choose a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles to complement the neutral tops. The Grae Apparel Pepper Midi Skirt in brown gives any outfit more shape and creates a classy look. Whether it’s a tank top, cropped t-shirt or graphic tee, this skirt goes with anything, and that versatility is a must-have quality for capsule wardrobe pieces. For comfort and fun, we added the blue and white striped shorts into the rotation. The loose fit looks great with cropped shirts and is an ideal in-between from the hotel room to the pool or for longer travel days. And of course, we had to provide a classic jean short because they are, without fail, a closet staple. The Umgee denim short frayed and worn wash is perfect with any of the tops we’ve selected as well as the ones already in your closet. 

The simplest addition to your wardrobe is a dress. Not only are you able to look and feel polished when you slip into your summer dresses, but you get to show your personality. With the various prints, colors and styles, dresses are the perfect way this summer to kick in your own flair with only one piece of clothing. The Graceful Jo Olive Tiered Midi Dress — with a low swooping back and ties on the side to cinch the waist how you see fit, along with the layers throughout the fabric — is whimsical and airy. Whether you’re one to gravitate towards short dresses or long layered dresses, any style will be a comfortable outfit and one that’s for sure to add some confidence in your strides this summer.

A limited wardrobe doesn’t mean your accessorizing has to stop. Whether it be sunglasses or shoes, each additional piece will add a little extra something to your look. Because summer means fewer layers, your accessories are going to stand out even more, so play around with them! A platform sandal, like the Hey Dude Delray Slide Classic in tan, with a pair of colorful or fun, shaped sunglasses are going to bring your outfit to the next level. Use jewelry to tie your outfit together as well — chunky bracelets, earrings and necklaces add an extra sparkle, color and texture.

Now that you have your outfits picked out, it’s time for packing. This may not be everyone’s favorite part of travel, but we have some tips to make this process as easy as possible. First and foremost, you need a bag to put all of your clothing in and we found the perfect one. The Katie Loxton Fold Out Garment Weekend Bag looks like your average duffel on the outside, but on the inside, it has several pockets to store shoes, makeup bags and it has a built-in garment hanging loop, ensuring your clothes stay neatly pressed and wrinkle-free. According to professional organizer Marie Kondo, there is an efficient way to pack your suitcase. She suggests rolling your clothes to maximize space, sorting clothing by category (such as shirts, bottoms, etc.) and that less is more. Which is perfect because luckily, you now have the basics for a capsule wardrobe! So, pack your bag and go adventure this summer in your new stylish clothing.