Rooted in Tradition

By Skylla Mumana

A timeless nursery design with organic elements

For new parents, a nursery can not only symbolize comfort and youth, but it can also symbolize the beginning of a life-long journey.
Creating a new baby room can take time, effort and lots of preparation, all of which Waco resident Jordan Shifrin understood when going into her newest project. However, this one proved to be fundamentally different, because now, Shifrin was her own client.

As a certified interior designer, Shifrin has been designing and customizing spaces since her college days, turning bare, beige walls into intricate, dream environments for her clientele. After working in cities such as Savannah, Georgia and Los Angeles, she started her own design studio, Jordan Shields Designs, where she delivers thoughtful and uniquely designed spaces for commercial, residential and multi-family clientele. After years of success, Shifrin decided to design her own nursery and turn it into a dream space that her and her growing family could enjoy. Shifrin knew that the experience would be a large yet exciting task.

“This nursery was for our first daughter,” Shifrin said. “This project was fun but a little overwhelming. I needed to figure out which direction to go in since I was my own client.”

Despite this situation being atypical for her, Shifrin decided to fully treat herself like a client, and go through her normal evaluation process.

“Typically, I’ll evaluate the space, architecture and lighting, and see how the space needs to function,” Shifrin said. “Once I figured out what was going on with the space and how it needs to function, then I got more into the direction. However, this room was like a bare box. There wasn’t a lot of architecture.”

Although the lack of architectural elements did stump her, Shifrin referred back to her extensive experience and quickly thought of a solution. She started thinking about what elements she could add to make this ‘bare-box’ of a room into a cozy, comforting environment for her and her baby. After six months of building and customization, Shifrin and her husband finally achieved their ideal nursery.

This traditional yet eclectic space is filled with natural and organic elements that give the room a classic, dark vibe. Shifrin noted that she wanted to evoke a foggy, tranquil feeling when people stepped into the room. She achieved this by utilizing a neutral, earthy color palette throughout the room for both her walls and furniture. She also included a large, picturesque forest mural on the wall, all of which reflect her love of nature.

“I really like doing outdoor activities,” Shifrin said. “One of the things I like is when you’re up really early in the morning outdoors and it’s foggy and hazy out. I wanted to create that sort of feeling with some type of mural, like the one we used. At first, I also wanted to make sure that the room wasn’t too dark, but luckily, thanks to the natural light we get in the room, we could go a little bit moodier with the colors.”

Alongside that, Shifrin added a wainscotting trim to her walls, a strategic way to add to the lacking architecture of the room and off-set the mural.

“I also wanted it to feel like it had a little bit more of a traditional feel and add some type of interest, so we did this kind of wainscoting trim line and boxed some areas out in the room,” Shifrin said. “It allowed us to not feel like the wall mural was too overwhelming. It also added a bit of architectural detail to the room.”

Reinforcing other traditional elements, Shifrin utilized pieces such as the pink crib skirt and the pink rug. To add more texture to the room, she found decorative pieces from the e-commerce site Etsy, such as the floral ceiling light. For other items, such as the animal fixtures and wicker basket, Shifrin looked to estate sales in the Waco area.

Although doing a style such as this is uncommon for her, in the future, Shifrin hopes to design and create more spaces such as this.

“In the past few years with my residential clients, I’ve worked on a lot of projects where, especially in California, the client is looking for that California coastal look where everything is a little bit more toned down and monotone, but this space was so fun to do,” Shifrin said. “This isn’t a style I typically do a lot, especially in residential work. So I am hoping to get more residential projects with people who are looking for something a little bit more stand-out and bolder.”