Reasons to Love Summer Style

By Avery Ballmann

Beat the heat with these looks

The Texas sun is bright but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors. This summer, you may find yourself on a boat or at a family barbecue or two. As you ride the waters of Lake Waco or perhaps visit a Texas beach, and maybe have a family get-together after, it’s easy to gravitate towards a simple tank top and a pair of dri-FIT shorts. Don’t let the heat bum your style and instead go for a sundress, a romper or a lightweight button-down that goes perfectly over sleeveless tops. Summertime stirs up different memories and styles for all of us, but for Kassi Phillips, manager at Courtney’s Boutique, a certain array of colors reminds her of warmer months.

“The colors for sure,” Phillips said. “We started switching over to our patriotic red, white, blue collection yesterday, so we decided to go off of that.”

For the upcoming Fourth of July, what’s more patriotic than the white button-down sleeve shirt with red embroidered stars? According to Phillips, this top is also practical in our blistering Texas heat because of its lightweight fabric. Another Fourth of July-inspired look is the red and white striped sweater tank top. But you don’t have to save the stars and stripes just for our Nation’s holiday; instead, think of making them your go-tos for this summer.

Courtney’s has also elevated summer style with rompers. The Mainstrip Blue Eyelet romper screams a “Mamma Mia” summer with its cobalt blue and white patterns and is a great fit for when you find yourself by the water. Its puffed sleeves and collar bring a sophisticated look to the outfit. The Olivaceous denim romper with waist tie can be dressed up or down and worn to almost every occasion. The jean belt gives the outfit shape and the denim material refreshes and expands our idea that denim is not just for pants. Rompers will give you a put-together look while also bringing you comfort.

Although these outfits are detailed and bright, Phillips and Jamie Simmons, manager at Courtney’s Boutique who helped style these looks, weren’t afraid to throw in jewelry with some flair. The Nickelandsuede gold leaf Superstars earrings are fun and on theme for upcoming holidays and the gold and silver chain necklace with gold star medallion brings edginess to the outfit by using mixed metals. As for the shoes, sandals are a must for the summer. These wedge sandals give you a couple of inches as well as bringing the look up another level.

So, whether you are lounging on a Texas beach like Phillips this summer or heading to your Fourth of July celebration, rest easy knowing you’ll have looks that light up any event.