Random Thoughts While Driving in Waco

By Jack Smith

Jack can be reached at jwsmith2@flash.net

Do you know that wonderful feeling when you go to bed, fall asleep immediately, sleep soundly through the night and wake up totally refreshed? Me neither.

I don’t seem to often be wide awake in the mornings. I’m more narrow awake.

I wonder how I got to be “over the hill” when I never got to the top?

There has been so much “abundance of caution” lately that I’m afraid we will run out of caution altogether.

Have you noticed we seem to always take a turn for the worse? We need to take a turn for the better.

Because of the pandemic, a man told his suitcases there would be no vacation this year, and now he’s dealing with emotional baggage.

I was waiting on a train to pass recently and got to thinking about the good old days when trains had cabooses. A man (this was probably before women had many railroad jobs) would be sitting in the caboose, and if you waved to him, he would wave back. The children loved it, and me too. It kind of made you think that all was right with the world. I think that waving was his only job, unless the train was backing up. The railroad unions lost out on that position, and cabooses were done away with. Trains must not back up much anymore. They probably have rearview cameras like our cars do. More technology, fewer jobs.

Speaking of the good old days, When I was a boy growing up in Marlin, one of the rites of spring was the day the new cars came out. Back then the cars changed each year. We only had Ford and Chevrolet dealerships in Marlin. On new car day, we couldn’t wait to get out of school to rush to see the new cars. Sometimes they would have been on the showroom floor for a few days, but covered up with a car cover. It was an exciting time for teenage boys. Of course today cars don’t change much from year to year but maybe a new style every three or four years. That’s no fun.

Whatever happened to the Do Not Call list? My unsolicited calls seem to get worse all of the time.

Have you noticed in TV commercials how many times the people end up dancing? And usually by themselves. It’s weird.

One TV commercial for a windshield installation company tells you to “just leave your car keys on the dash and we will come fix you up.” How could that be a good idea? What if they come and your car has been stolen? Will they find it and replace the windshield for the thief?

Vicki and I have been married for 54 years. That’s 54 years of asking, “Do you have any thoughts for supper?”

I heard a TV commentator say that such-and-such was not a silver bullet. Where did that phrase come from? I looked it up. It’s a bullet made of silver, usually with reference to the folkloric belief that such bullets are the only weapons which can kill a werewolf. Or any straightforward solution perceived to have great effectiveness or bring miraculous results. I had not thought about killing werewolves. I thought more of the Lone Ranger. At the end of his shows, as he and Tonto rode off into the sunset, someone would ask, “Who was that masked man?” And someone else would answer, “I don’t know, but he left this silver bullet.” So maybe the Lone Ranger is the reason we don’t see any werewolves today.

IF I WERE KING: Railroads would bring back cabooses and thereby reduce our stress levels.

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