Random Thoughts While Driving in Waco

By Jack Smith

It was time for daylight saving time (or is it daylight savings time?)

last month. It’s always a little confusing. You can spring forward or fall forward, but it is easier to fall back. Springing back would be difficult for old folks. Anyway, I think I have figured out the spring time change: 10 is the new 9. For the record, it seems that the time is “saving” rather than “savings.”

The cold fronts may now be over. Cold fronts generally come from the north or northwest. If one came from the south, would it be a cold back?

I was talking with three adults the other day about taking typing class in high school. (Is typing now called keyboarding?) I confessed that in my typing class, I didn’t learn how to type numbers with the appropriate fingers. I thought that I was a typing slacker, using just my index finger to do numbers, but each of the other three admitted that they didn’t learn to type numbers correctly either. Since we all had the same teacher, we can blame it on her. Either that or all four of us were slackers.

Speaking of typing and numbers, as you know, if you put the Caps Lock key on, all the letters will be capital letters but the numbers will remain the same. But I was thinking, what if numbers had capital options also? What would a capital four look like? Probably not a capital idea.

Texting requires typing. We all know how dangerous it is to text while driving, but texting is ubiquitous. (I’ve never used that word before, but I kind of like it.) Everyone seems to be texting everywhere, especially teenagers. There may soon be a new foul in high school basketball games: texting while driving to the basket. Maybe we will outlaw texting while driving home a point.

Speaking of school, if you see a home-school mom talking to herself, is she crazy or could she be having a parent-teacher conference?

A lot of videos and sometimes photographs are said to have “gone viral” when they get a requisite number of views on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or YouTube or whatever. How many does it take? A few years back it was 1 million views, but now it is said to be 5 million views within a three to seven day period to be considered viral. When I was in school, if half the kids in class had heard about it, it had gone viral. Until recently, viral meant “caused by a virus.” I imagine that fits for many of the videos.

When someone dies, it is polite to say that they “passed away.” I once saw where someone had “past away,” which is grammatically incorrect. “Past” is a noun. The word “passed” is the past tense of pass and is a verb. Instead of “passing away,” some just say that someone passed. Others may say that someone passed over, as onto the other side. And, by the way, “passed” and “past” are homophones. Different words that sound the same. This discussion may be boring, but it too shall pass.

Homophone is a strange word. The word “homo” comes from the Latin word meaning human being. The word “phone” comes from Alexander Graham Bell. A common example of homophones is to, two and too. More than two homophone words may be too many to comprehend.

I saw where we Americans have achieved a new record: one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) in credit card debt. That’s $8,600 per family. I’m not doing my part. I need to buy something expensive, like new typing classes.

IF I WERE KING: Texting while driving would pass away.