Rad and Bubblegum Pink

By Emily Ober

A-frame house turned groovy, pink social space

For anyone who has dreamed of having their very own Barbie mansion, you can find yourself in the fantasy at the home hosted by ‘A-Frame Alli’ Pozeznik. Pink covers the home inside and out, with touches of red to compliment this eccentric and groovy space created as an outlet during a rough time. When coming up with the design for the house, Pozeznik decided to go all out on the bubbly pink aesthetic.

“The last few years of my life have been terribly serious. I had been working at a fast-paced corporate job, I had been flying to Florida to help take care of my dad as he battled dementia and then kidney cancer. Then of course, Covid hit. So when I purchased this new a-frame, I knew I wanted the outside pink but then after lining up all my contractors, I realized I really wanted this house to be super fun, unique, standout. It was an outlet for all those serious stressors in my life and I knew I needed to stay busy on something creative to cope with everything.”

It’s not just the color that gives this home character. Details like the space-age ball chair in the owner’s suite, the red lip couch with a daisy pillow in the living room and flower mirror in the bathroom bring a retro look to the a-frame style home that was popular in the 70s. “I’ve had an affinity to a-frame homes for a long time. I think it’s because I love the retro appeal of the 70’s aesthetic. Bold, fun, the rooms are matchy matchy, patterned wallpaper. All that. I love it.”

The home is a four bedroom, two bathroom 1984 a-frame with a spacious outdoor area. The two downstairs bedrooms are more muted, with brown accents to break up the color, but still keep the aesthetic. The two upstairs bedrooms feature the traditional ceiling slant in a-frame homes. These rooms are much more minimal in their setup and the clothing rack eliminates the need for bulky wardrobes. The real charm comes in the shared space of the living room and dining room, where everyone gathers in the cozy, fun space. The house has an open floor plan on the first floor so the space feels spacious and inviting.

After watching Trixie Mattel renovate her Palm Springs Motel into a pink paradise, Pozeznik changed the flooring in the bathroom and kitchen to pink faux terrazzo tile. “It’s the most perfect bubblegum pink. No one’s really going to typically put that in their own home. The fun of a vacation rental is that you don’t have to follow all the rules. I have all these men contractors coming in and doing this work and I’d ask them what they thought of the pink house and they weren’t really sure what to say.”

Although this is not a style that most people will put in their own home, it’s a space where people can gather and enjoy company with friends or family. “Trying to curate that really fun space was one of my main goals,” Pozeznik said when describing the home. There’s a coffee corner complete with a “Cups for Days” rack from Magnolia, filled with pink mugs. Specialty syrups make for a perfect morning cup of coffee without having to leave the house. Pozeznik even included an iconic Texas-shaped waffle maker for her guests. “I wanted to include some Texas novelties in the house but not be too cheesy. I wanted it to fit with the design. And then I have a big wooden shape of the state of Texas above the fireplace. Kinda commands where you’re at in the United States right now.”

Guests can enjoy the nice weather in the outdoor area with retro seating, fun umbrellas, a solo stove firepit and even a pink jacuzzi to lounge in. A pink fence encircles the space to keep kids safe when young families stay at the property. “In order to relax, we need a designated outdoor space.”

The pink a-frame sits on 1.4 private acres in Lacy Lakeview, a short five minute drive from Baylor, or ten minute drive from Magnolia Market. After living in her own a-frame house in Cedar Creek Lake, she decided to pursue her dream and start A-Frame Alli. “This was a solo project. I’m the owner and financier of A-frame Alli. I do make a point to say that because it is so much work and it was one of the largest projects I’ve ever taken on.”

The property is available for the perfect staycation with girlfriends, photos, events or for pink enthusiasts.