People of the 254

By Jen Naylor Gesick, Samantha Dietzler & Anna Tabet

Pictured: Photos by Amy Traweek, Blackland Photography

Young and old, newcomers and native Wacoans, we asked 58 people from across our city, of various backgrounds and experiences, to answer a few questions about Waco — who they admire in the community, what would make the city even better and, of course, about the pandemic. The answers capture unique perspectives and surprising insights for an interesting look at the people of our city, their experiences and their hopes for the future.

We hope you enjoy reading through and “meeting” all these wonderful Wacoans. And perhaps it will help us all feel a little more connected. Because despite many grim milestones of late, there are plenty of things to celebrate — especially our city and our people. In times like these, you have to look for the good. Practicing resiliency, embracing community, giving what we can and doing our best to be good citizens has never been more important.

Who is your favorite Wacoan, past or present?

What has the pandemic taught you about Waco or the people in it?

In your opinion, what would improve Waco?