Party for Two

By Avery Ballmann

Casual Date Night Styles

Cupid’s holiday is quickly approaching, but the chaos of a new year can pose a threat to date night. As spaces like Di Campli’s and DiamondBack’s fill up their reservation list, opt for a more casual setting such as the new La Bottega, owned by Massimo and Kristen Di Campli. A casual date night is not settling, it is celebrating love without all the frills.

While a casual date night can mean a lowkey setting, that doesn’t mean that your style can’t still bring a little flair. Of course, casual does not mean sweatpants — it means leave the heels in the closet. Instead of a dress, pairing a skirt and blouse still exhibits an elevated look. According to Vogue magazine, long denim skirts are the new blue jeans for 2024. These skirts add spunk to any outfit, especially ones with a slit up the middle or side. The beauty of these skirts is that they can be paired with ballet flats, loafers and sneakers. In this outfit, the denim skirt is styled with cream, white and gold sneakers with different materials such as leather and suede across the shoe. Ditching heels and sliding into sneakers will make romantic walks, mini golf and other casual date night activities much more comfortable.

Flowers do not have to be restricted to vases; they can be crocheted onto sweaters too. This cream-based sweater is decorated with white daisies that add a fun and delicate detail to a typically boring piece. Even as far as Paris, France, crocheted flower tops are taking over every window display, and the trends of the fashion capital of the world are reaching Central Texas and it should be noted. Grae Apparel, a boutique located in Spice Village, has several of these cardigans in different colors including light pink and yellow green with different styles such as button-ups.

Since the denim skirt and sneakers are good bases to the outfit, there is an opportunity for adding bling. Every outfit needs accessories, so keeping with the theme of casual, leave the diamond earrings in their velvet box and opt for more vibrant pieces. The rose gold bracelets and statement ring add just the right amount of fun and classy for your night out.

Now that there is a look book for your casual date night, you need to figure out what to do and where to go. Segovia Wine Bar is a perfect happy hour with a variety of wines and tapas inspired by Portugal and Spain. Another place to grab a drink and live music is Lounge ’93. Try going on a Monday for their drink specials and appetizers. Or mix it up and go for a Valentine’s brunch at Our Breakfast Place or Harvest on 25th. If sitting down does not sound appealing, head over to Waco Axe Company where you can throw axes while also sipping on your own beer and having food delivered right to their door. Get even more great date night ideas at As long as you’re with the one you love, anything can be a date night, even if it is as simple as grabbing a cup of gelato.