My Waco

By Juliana Mudd

Lesley Myrick

Each year in our May issue, we ask our contributors to submit the specific things they love about living in Waco in our “Reasons to Love Waco” feature. This month we’ve expanded on that piece by asking one of our contributors about a few of the places she enjoys going to eat, grab a drink or shop Waco.

Lesley Myrick is an interior designer in Waco. She has written the “Ideal Home” column for the Wacoan for nearly three years.

“Coming from a bigger city — I used to live in Southern California in the Los Angeles area, and also Toronto — I like that Waco definitely has a smaller-town vibe. But it’s starting to get, especially over the last couple of years, some really cool amenities that have more of a big-city vibe: shopping, coffee shops, restaurants — just stuff that’s a little more unique is starting to come to Waco. It’s kind of fun to watch it happen.”

“I like What About Cupcakes. They are pretty delicious. But I have to also give Magnolia credit — their cupcakes live up to the hype.”

“Mainstream Boutique is great. I love Fox and Gray, and Wildland — those would be my top three.”

“Here’s what’s funny: I don’t like burgers. But Twisted Root [Burger Co.] is legit. I enjoy burgers at Twisted Root. My absolute favorite food in Waco, hands down, is Koko Ramen, the truck behind The Dancing Bear [Pub]. I crave it all the time.”

“I have really enjoyed Slow Rise Pizza [House] with my family. It’s a great place: grown-ups have the bar and the pizza, but then they’ve got that great outdoor space and when you’re out for dinner with young kids, that is great to have that family-friendly vibe. The kids can hang out and play while you enjoy your frozé.”

“For a cocktail, Dichotomy. They have amazing drinks. My all-time go-to is an amaretto sour, but I’ve found some unique cocktails on their menu that I’ve enjoyed trying.”

“Honestly? Shipley’s. [Laughs.] We always love donuts. But we love Cameron Park, love the Mayborn, and the [Waco Downtown] Farmers Market on Saturdays is always a lot of fun. My son’s favorite part of the Mayborn Museum is right at the top of the stairs where there’s that circular train track up high at the ceiling. He’s obsessed with it! At Cameron Park we always park under the Herring [Avenue] bridge and walk down the river towards downtown and the food trucks.”

“I do like The Findery — they have cool finds, which seems appropriate. At Wildland, Kate [Duncan] has some little odds and ends, and I’ve always enjoyed her funky, curated selection.”

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