Make Room for Play Time

By Samantha Blackshear

Create the perfect space to let your child’s imagination grow

When envisioning what I wanted my daughter’s playroom to look like, my ideas started out all over the place. Pinterest had great inspiration photos, but it was difficult to narrow down where to begin. I typically lean towards neutral colors in the main area of my home, but knowing that I wanted this space to be colorful and whimsical — where my daughter could get creative, have fun and let her imagination soar — I started from there. Using a lighter color for the walls allowed the opportunity to add depth of color with décor, toys and artwork. I decided on light sage green for our room and couldn’t be happier with the choice.

Décor for the walls includes clear acrylic bookshelves, decorated with some of our favorite beautiful books near a kid’s oversized reading chair in the corner. A huge chalkboard that could adorn many doodles fit perfectly on a wall that would otherwise be deemed useless space. Above the couch,
I chose the now-classic phrase “The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be”, an uplifting reminder to any person who comes in the room. To personalize the space further, I framed three colorful paintings my daughter created and was so proud of.

I debated back and forth with the decision to put a television in the playroom, and ultimately decided to go for it. I imagined my daughter playing dress up, with building blocks or coloring to the sounds of her favorite songs and movies and it just made sense for us. I added a simple dark couch to the room for extra comfort.

My main area of concern when creating the playroom was organization. It was important to me that there was a home and space for everything to be contained that was going in the room. We had big items that sat out themselves, including a fun and beautiful play kitchen as well as a large doll house, but all the other toys needed a place when it was time to clean up.

A great furniture piece for big items to be organized is a cube shelf which offers so much flexibility to the type of bin or container you want to slide into it, or even keeping the cube open to be able to display books or chunky toys. They also come in different sizes and configurations to fit the room’s needs. Our room was on the smaller side, so a six-cube shelf was the perfect size. The types of toys that fit great into the bins are: puzzles, dolls, cars, play phones, balls, Barbies, dinosaurs and anything else that may have an odd shape.

For the closed closet area, I decided on clear bins so everyone could easily see what toys and activities were inside. My favorite clear bins are from ‘The Home Edit’. These bins come in different sizes, are stackable and a few options can even fit inside each other to further organize the bin itself. A divided lazy Susan is perfect for crayons, markers, colored pencils and stamps. When it was time to color, I could remove the entire lazy Susan from the shelf, place it on the surface we were coloring on and it could spin around to my daughter’s content for what she wanted to use in the moment. These bins are also perfect for Play-Doh, paint, building blocks, magna-tiles, dress-up items and so much more; the options are endless.

When planning for a play space, I believe the most important things to keep in mind are: What will excite your child(ren) to play and use their imaginations; and what will you as a parent be able to maintain in the long run? Too many toys and things to play with can be overwhelming to both you and your child. Simple while maintaining aesthetics is the best way to go.