Guest Bathroom with Character

By Emily Ober

Classic styles are given a modern upgrade in this remodel.

When remodeling the main guest bathroom in her home, Dr. Elizabeth Turnage turned to Jeralyn Wilcox of Palmer Davis Design, LLC to open up the small space and give it character. Wilcox worked with Turnage to create the space that fit all of Turnage’s needs.

When designing the bathroom, Turnage said it was a team effort. The process began with Wilcox visiting the space then creating layouts and ideas.

“She’d give me several choices and sometimes, we’d have a choice on the first batch and sometimes she had to go back and get others,” Turnage said.

Originally a laundry room, the space was converted into a bathroom with a closed-in shower, a pedestal sink and a free-standing cabinet. In the remodel, the main goal was to give guests more room and create a more comfortable space with personality.

“I wanted color and fun and casual and nice,” Turnage said. “The chandelier was a big inspiration. I liked it and it was not flashy, but it was fun and a good size for the room, so we worked off of that.”

The gold hardware of the chandelier is carried over to the shower and the sink where they were able to incorporate classics mixed with updated elements. The cross handles in both the shower and the sink faucet give the space an antique feel with the amenities of a rain shower head and a detachable shower head.

The tile was the next decision Turnage made in the remodel.

“That unique shape tile was kind of an inspiration point for everything else too. We started with the chandelier then that tile and then we worked from there.”

The picket pattern gives the shower a pop of color with the light green but also accentuates the gold hardware. To offset the white tile that makes up the rest of the space, Wilcox found a white wallpaper with birds in pastel colors. Previously, the walls were a solid shade of blue, but the wallpaper adds a layer of fun character to the space.

“I just love it. It’s got the birds and the colors,” Turnage said.

To bring more accessibility to the bathroom, they took the shower from a closed off space to a doorless shower.

“We wanted to open up the shower which was very dark with the drop ceiling and a closed door,” Turnage said. “You can reach both sides with your elbows.”

By creating a doorless shower, Turnage was able to make the room feel more open. They also brought in a cabinet with an oval vessel sink to get rid of the bulkiness of the two separate pieces previously in the space.

“We made the cabinet elevated so that if water splashes into the bathroom, the cabinet doesn’t get damaged,” she explained.

The granite countertops used on the cabinet are also used in the shelving along the back wall and in the shower. By creating these shelves, guests can find everything they need with ease, and it removes the need for bulky cabinetry.

Another fun feature is the corner toilet tank that optimizes the small space.

“It doesn’t protrude into the room as much so you can move around a little easier,” Turnage explained.

Extra light fixtures were added so that the space could be fully lit. In addition to the chandelier, a wall-mounted light was added over the sink and two on the back wall with clear glass to brighten the area.

“And then I wanted color on the ceiling so [Wilcox] helped me match and find the right color there,” Turnage said. “It gives it some personality. That’s the magic I needed. I couldn’t do it by myself.”