Generational Style

By Mallory McKeever

How moms inspire a daughter’s closet today

Pictured: styled by Betsy Daniels and Kate Jones, @theclosetstyle
photos by Breanne Johnson,

Mother’s Day gives us all the chance to reflect on the impact our moms have on our lives — and even on our closets. Moms somehow combine vintage and modern, bold and classic elements which inspire their daughter’s style.

“We started with the idea of the Mother’s Day picnic,” said Kate Jones of The Closet Style. Springtime weather begs for getting outdoors and mixing cheery colors, so “the grandmothers wore prints and we moms wore solids.”

The best part about a springtime picnic with your mom and daughter is the combination of trending styles alongside the classics. With a picturesque spread and beautiful cake, the vintage-inspired setup is reminiscent of how fashion trends often enter, exit and then reappear over time.

This generational view of style relies on the classic silhouettes of summer dresses that have timeless elements like puff sleeves, a button-up top, pleats or a dropped waist. But it can also be fun to try bolder touches, Jones said. Patchwork kimonos, lapis earrings and a paperclip necklace are ways to try fashion-forward ideas. Between all four women, every piece could be worn at any age and dressed up or down.

One role that our mom takes on is to inspire confidence in what she wears. Jones and Betsy Daniels said that their mother’s style influenced how they dress now.

“We hope to pass it on to our daughters,” said Daniels.

Mom’s confidence and elegance comes from her ability to wear what she loves, own it and feel good about it no matter what trends are popular. And it’s important not to shy away from color and statement pieces of jewelry to create the look of an elegant but trendy woman.

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