Functional Beauty

By Emily Ober

How different styles come together to create a home

When designing her house, Hannah Beamer made sure to make the space into her home. With her husband working from home and homeschooling her two daughters, the Beamer family spends much of their time in their home, so making it a space that they loved was the main goal.

“I’m very passionate about turning a house into a home,” Beamer said. “I believe that it’s very important to love the space that you live in. So many memories are made and so much life happens inside the home. I think the way that a space looks can directly affect our mental health and the way we feel, so for us it was really important to create a space that inspired beauty but is also practical for our family and the season of life that we are in.”

Beamer used Russ Davis Homes to build the house. She incorporated several styles that she was drawn to, making the eclectic assortment work for the space. There are nods to mid-century modern in the clean lines and muted colors of the walls with a touch of boho-desert style in the mixing of textures and bold, natural pieces.

“We’re from California originally so I like a lot of desert-inspired styles along with the bohemian look,” Beamer said.

By honing in on key details, Beamer makes the different styles work together to create a functional, yet beautiful home. The sleek lines of mid-century modern with the curved lines of Bohemian and Mediterranean aesthetics brings a softness to the space. Minimal furniture in muted tones keep the clutter away so that the space isn’t overwhelming, but the natural accents such as live plants and wicker pieces keep that boho feel. By focusing on key color tones throughout, the mix of styles work together to create a unique space that fits the family.

“Before creating a space, I always look at the space and ask myself, ‘What is the vision that I have for this and how do I want this space to make me feel?’”

Beamer explained. “How can this space best be created to serve me and my family?”

The open living room is free of clutter and the neutral colors create a calm environment, with the rust colored couch adding a pop of color to make the space feel modern. Beamer made sure that the couch was also functional for her family.

“It actually ended up being a really comfortable couch but still have that modern, clean look to it,” Beamer said.

The large windows let in natural light to the home, a nod to the Scandinavian style that Beamer also said she was drawn to when building the home.

The arched doorways of the kitchen are an element of Mediterranean style that soften the room that’s muted with neutrals and the boho wicker accents. Beamer explained that she enjoys hosting friends at her home, and the kitchen island allows guests to utilize the space and enjoy each other’s company.

The bedroom embraces the boho style with a bit more clutter that give the space an extra bit of character and color while not overwhelming the room. The white walls are contrasted with yellow, russet and navy blue in the room. The arched doors of the kitchen are carried over through the partition and mirror, and wicker furniture brings the boho aesthetic.

The furniture throughout the house is also a collection that Beamer has curated over the years.

“I’m definitely a treasure hunter. I love to curate our home décor from all over the place. In California, I used to have an online secondhand shop and I love to thrift and go antique shopping. I’ve thrifted quite a bit around the Waco area. I’ve gotten some little things from Central Goods and some of the local antique shops.”

By not sticking to a single trend or style, Beamer creates a space unique to her family. Function is not sacrificed for a beautiful aesthetic that brings joy.

“I wanted to create a space that inspired beauty but was also practical for our family to a live in,” said Beamer. “A place that was inviting and welcoming.”

Beamer shares more of her home and design style at @hannahrosebeamer.