From the Publisher

By Michelle Geoffroy Johnson

Whispers, chatter, hearsay, tea, through the grapevine…

When I was fifteen my family made two moves in a period of three years. I most certainly wasn’t happy with the second move especially sharing a room with my ten year old brother. During that season of life, hard decisions were made that I didn’t quite understand until recently.

I do know that in that year, I became tougher and stronger. It prepared me for adversity, meeting new people — things which I would need for getting my first job in high school, leaving home for college and so many of life’s challenges that lie ahead.

As I tried out for cheerleader that spring, it was in front of the entire student body. Whispers, chatter, hearsay… ‘Who is this girl? Where did she come from? Why is she trying out?’ After the chatter settled and the buzz of the new girl wore off, high school life went on.

Sometimes, putting yourself out there can be risky. What if you fail? What if people don’t like what you do? How do you handle the tea?

As I have told my kids for years and continue to advise them, don’t worry about what others think, say or do. You can only worry about yourself and how you choose to handle it.

Hold your head up, don’t listen to the chatter because, guess what? It doesn’t end in High School. So learn how to handle it now because it will only make you stronger.

Oh, and yes, I rocked that varsity cheerleading uniform!

Take the risk and rise above the tea!

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