From the Editor

By Jennifer Naylor Gesisk

Jen Gesick

February 2022

Hello fellow Wacoans, I’m thrilled to be writing my first Editor’s letter for the Wacoan — an iconic publication in my hometown that has marked an incredible three decades of history and growth. I’ve worked for the magazine since 2017, and couldn’t be more excited to help lead it into a new era as we along with our city continue to grow and thrive.

This small, family-owned business has championed not only the city of Waco, the Baylor Bears (even in the lean years), local businesses, local artists, local nonprofits and anything and everything Waco.

If you’re an old timer like me, you can appreciate these developments (or despise them, perhaps), but I’ll say that all in all, I’m a fan — more culture, community and creativity, not having to drive over an hour for fun, and most of all more opportunity and prosperity for our city and our families. Not only are the natives of my generation returning home in droves, we’re getting an influx of newcomers. Maybe I do sometimes miss the days back when you could actually avoid traffic by taking the loop and you could reasonably exit any given business on Hewitt Drive in your preferred direction — and without pulling some fast and furious style moves taking major risks to life and limb. But I can appreciate the good more than the bad.

And it’s good for Waco and the Wacoan as we look forward to bringing you interesting stories of local folks contributing to our city in unique ways. We strive to entertain, educate and enrich our fellow citizens and visitors.

This month, we focus on health and wellness. After two years of this pandemic, writer Gretchen Eichenberg’s story on mindfulness “The Pursuit of Peace” on page 88 comes at the perfect time to help us all learn to live in the moment and bring more serenity to our everyday lives. Writer Kevin Tankersley talked to some folks about the future of the nursing shortage on page 98. And a two-time cancer survivor who makes it her mission to help others facing the same diagnosis talks to Tankersley on page 79. And don’t miss the opportunity for a taste of the Big Easy with Kevin and Abby Tankersley’s Food and Drink column on page 107, featuring several New Orleans style cocktail recipes you can enjoy at home.

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