From The Editor

By Jennifer Naylor Gesick

Jen Gesick

Did you know pico de gallo translated literally means beak of rooster?

I guess I knew that, but I just never really thought about it. I mean, pico is just pico.

Then while editing this month’s Food & Drink (page 131) by Abby & Kevin Tankersley, I did a quick internet search to ensure I had everything correct, and there it was.

Now, I can’t stop thinking about rooster beaks every time I sit down for a meal of my favorite cuisine. Try the recipes, and definitely read the story. It’s a cautionary tale for newcomers to summer here. I really enjoyed the description of this weather and added a new phrase to my vocabulary: “stupid hot.”

It’s funny the things I pick up in this line of work. Talking to folks, writing, editing stories and of course reading (a lot) has left me full of interesting facts and tidbits about so many things. My kids used to think I was the smartest person in the world. Then they became teenagers. I like to think I can still ‘wow’ them from time to time, but they’d never let on that there was something they didn’t actually know already.

Speaking of kids, back to school season has arrived. While we patiently wait for temps outside to feel more like fall — think Octoberish — we’ve packed this issue with so many great stories of amazing local people (perfect for enjoying poolside or comfortably curled up on a couch with the a/c blasting). Get inspiration for fashion and fun with local students and a teacher modeling clothes for our local boutiques at some of Waco’s top nonprofit arts and entertainment venues with “Exploring Fashion Through the Arts” on page 89.
Meet volunteers giving their time, energy and affection to those in need in our community with “Fighting the Good Fight” by Gretchen Eichenberg (page 104). Check out a new children’s book “Rainbow Crow: Poems in and Out of Form” by Megan Willome in our Cover to Cover story by Heather Garcia (page 64).

This all makes it extremely difficult to choose a favorite this month, but I lean towards a special Q&A with Jimmy Dorrell by Kevin Tankersley.

One of the greatest women I’ve ever known, my Grandma Carol, her favorite church was Church Under the Bridge. Actually, it was the only one she would attend. When her daughters came to visit from out of town and asked to join her for church, that’s where they went. She has since passed away, but I know she’d be happy to help them celebrate 30 years in . Be sure to check this story out on page 71.

So read on and maybe you’ll pick a few more fun facts or tidbits to share with someone. We hope you enjoy all the work we’ve lovingly poured into this issue. Feel free to send us any feedback or story ideas for things you’d like to see in the pages of your city magazine.

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