Fall in Love with these Styles

By Avery Ballmann

Top four pieces, colors for your Autumn wardrobe

With a cooler breeze wisping in the air and a pumpkin spice latte in hand, it’s time to switch out the tank tops and summer shorts for fall fashion. Betsy Daniels and Kate Jones of The Closet Style have culminated a list of four fall items you need to have in your arsenal.

Starting off with our first pick is an item I am happy that is trending — the long denim skirt. This skirt is a great staple because you can dress it up or down depending on the shoes and top. Daniels said these skirts are everywhere. Something about denim reminds me of cooler weather and the slit on the side adds a fun flirty flare to any look.

Pleather is pick number two because it is so versatile. Pleather pants, skirts, corset tops elevate your look with the fun edgy material. Usually, people gravitate towards black pleather but try going for a fall tone such as the burgundy pants Daniels and Jones picked.

Ruched tops have been on the market this year and they are all the craze. Ruching adds dimension to shirts, dresses and skirts. For this look, The Closet Style choose an olive-green A-line boxy dress paired with layered gold beaded necklaces.

The final item essential for fall fashion is metallics. Gold, silver and bronze metallic accessories complement the pleather and denim fabric. For those fall days you’ll be spending at the stadium, stick with a small clutch.

“It’s the perfect fall accessory for all of your game days,” Daniels said.

Now that we’ve established what closet staples are necessary for fall, let’s explore color swatches to make your look perfect for pumpkin patches, football games, Thanksgiving and other activities. The Pantone Color Institute — the people behind the Fashion Runway Color Trend Reports — has created an extensive list of fall colors for 2023. You can find the soft beige color Tender Peach in the horse-print button up shirt pictured, as well as the vibrant Red Orange color in the Cibeon silk top. Other fun colors listed for this year are a fuchsia Rose Violet, periwinkle Persian Jewel and yellow green Kohlrabi. For a more sophisticated and neutral look, opt for navy blue, deep brown, cream, silver and off-white. To find the full fall color list visit pantone.com.

Now that the weather finally resembles fall, it’s time that your style does too.