Class of 2021

By Rachel Love

What advice do you have for the students entering your grade next year?

Most of us appreciate getting wisdom from those just ahead of us in life. For this issue, we asked 20 Waco-area students who have recently graduated — from kindergarten, primary, elementary, junior high, high school or college — to pass along a word of advice to the students following them. Whether it’s things to do or things not to do, here’s what the students had to say.

Annika Larson

graduate, Baylor University

“Enjoy it. Don’t stress about the things that come after college. I feel like a lot of people are just working toward a goal that they are going to get out of college instead of living in the moment. Live in the moment as much as you can.”

Beaux Walters

kindergarten, St. Paul’s Episcopal School

“Learn how to read.”

Blake Becker

graduate, Baylor University

“Be open to trying new things. Come in with an open mind and take advantage of everything the school offers. College flies by.”

Brenna Shelton

8th grade, Robinson Junior High School

“Try to keep track of assignments. I think that is the biggest thing that a lot of students kind of skip and let it build up. Keep track!”

Brooks Indergard

graduate, Vanguard College Preparatory School

“Value the time that you have with your peers and classmates. And don’t fall asleep in class.”

Dor’Amoni Weaver

4th grade, Rapoport Elementary School

“Patience. I think you need a lot of patience because it will be hard, but you still have to just go with the flow. You still have to wait for the things that you need and that you want.”

Eden Varela

5th grade, Harmony Science Academy

“Don’t give up.”

Elise Corley

kindergarten, Valor Preparatory Academy

“Don’t be scared. You will have good teachers and make friends.”

Hannah Crawford

graduate, China Spring High School

“Time goes by fast. Make the most of high school while you can and do not take it for granted.”

Jack Clemons

kindergarten, Robinson Elementary School

“It’s fun, and you get to do a lot of activities, and you get to play a lot.”

Jude Gulley

6th grade, Eagle Christian Academy

“Always be prepared and study.”

Lucy Jane Rolfsen

kindergarten, Bishop Louis Reicher Catholic School

“You will love it!”

Maggie Haskett

6th grade, Waco Montessori School

“Spend your time wisely in the classroom; don’t spend that time just talking to friends.”

Meredith Wilcox

graduate, Live Oak Classical School

“Everything can seem really big. It feels like we need to win that game, get that A on a test. But really, it’s not enough to lose sleep over or sacrifice your relationships over. Prioritize the things that matter. Perspective.”

Pierce Malone

kindergarten, South Bosque Elementary School

“You need to learn and to have fun.”

Presley Mohan

5th grade, Bosqueville Elementary School

“Definitely take advantage of recess and enjoy the little things.”

Samantha Dietzler

graduate, Baylor University

“Finding a good group of people is really important. Community is a big thing. Having those people behind you if you want to hang out or if you need support.”

Zachary Shortell

8th grade, Woodway Christian School

“Make sure you stay on top of your work. Don’t procrastinate. If there is any time to do your work in class, do it. And ask questions. Teachers are there to help you.”

Will Teague

graduate, Lorena High School

“Be yourself. Develop good habits of studying. Be respectful to your teachers, and everything will be all right.”

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