Class of 2018

By Richelle Braswell

What advice do you have for students in your grade next year?

Pictured: Grace-Marie Brunken

We spoke with 20 Waco-area students who have just graduated — be it from kindergarten, primary, elementary, intermediate, junior high, high school or college. These kids are moving to a new grade, a new school, a new city or a new life after college. We asked them if they had any advice for the students following them. It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone has tips for school and life.

What advice do you have for students in your grade next year?


Londyn Boudreaux
Kindergarten, Connally Early Childhood Center, Connally ISD
“Kindergarten is fun. You learn how to read.”

Samayim Davis
12th grade, Waco High School, Waco ISD
“Apply for college early and for as many scholarships as you can.”

Lindsey Moncada
8th grade, St. Louis Catholic School
“Do everything on time, and don’t be scared.”

Cameron Johnson
6th grade, St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School
“Even when you’re not doing so well and things are hard for you, just stay in it.”

Lauren Spille
7th grade, Valor Preparatory Academy
“Ask as many questions as you can to understand something.”

Abigail DeJesus
8th grade, H.G. Isbill Jr. High School, McGregor ISD
“Show kindness to everyone and have a good attitude about things.”

Carson Macik
12th grade, Reicher Catholic High School
“Enjoy it while it lasts. It’s going to go quicker when you look back on it than you think it would.”

Samuel Storm
Kindergarten, Woodway Christian School
“You might like to learn about easy math, and you might like to do crafts.”

Scarlett Ucci
6th grade, Harmony Science Academy, Harmony Public Schools
“Take the chance for opportunities that are offered.”

Whitten Weems
6th grade, Live Oak Classical School
“Be confident and stay focused during class.”

Caleb McEachern
Kindergarten, Eagle Christian Academy
“Math is kind of hard, but it could be easy. And reading is really hard, but it gets easier.”

McLaren Williamson
5th grade, Lorena Elementary School, Lorena ISD
“Follow directions. You’ve a lot more freedom but a lot more responsibilities.”

Lilly Price
12th grade, Meyer High School, Rapoport Academy
“Allow yourself to explore different career paths and your different interests.”

Harris Meyer
6th grade, Waco Montessori School
“Have fun and make sure you learn a lot.”

Rachel Reneau
Marketing, Tarleton State University Waco at MCC University Center
“Get to know your professors. They’re always willing to help you.”

Analisa Villarreal
12th grade, Vanguard College Preparatory School
“Although senioritis is something that a lot of seniors get, it’s not something that you have to get. It’s one of those things where you need to surround yourself with people that motivate you and people that help you stay at your best.”

Sierra Watson
12th grade, Parkview Christian Academy
“Always turn to your teacher, because in the end, they’re the only people that are going to help you through everything.”

Boone Browning
4th grade, South Bosque Elementary School, Midway ISD
“It’s a little boring at first, but it ends up being really fun.”

Luke Mawhirter
Graphic design, Texas State Technical College
“Don’t be in a rush to decide your future. The future is a lot longer than you think it is.”

Madelynn Myers
3rd grade, La Vega Elementary School, La Vega ISD
“Respect your teacher and don’t give them any trouble.”