A Pool with Infinite Views

By Hank Holland

An oasis in Valley Mills, Texas

When it comes to building a pool, there is much that needs to be considered. From design elements to how the space around the pool is incorporated and a myriad of other things, each build is truly specific to the client. Out in the Texas plains and under the summer sun, Toby and Kathy McCarver of Aquanauts Custom Pool & Spa kept both the rural elements of the client’s property and the modern trends of pool design in mind when designing their recent Valley Mills pool.

This specific build combines linear edges with added natural features and softer edges. The mixture of these different elements make the build unique yet still wholly cohesive while incorporating a few of the trendy hallmarks in modern pools, such as an infinity edge and weeping walls — complete with a spa.

One of the most eye-catching features of this project is the blue-tiled infinity edge pool that wraps around the far end, complete with four symmetrical barstools. The pool itself was built facing westward so the clients could sit and watch the horizon. Kathy McCarver, who founded Aquanauts in 2011, said that this particular design choice was a must-have for the client.

“The design of the pool was sparked by the wish list of the client as well as taking into consideration the natural elements of the property. The client lives in a vastly rural area, and the elevation of the property lent itself to incorporating a beautiful infinity edge pool and spa with a unique swim-up bar for enjoying the sunsets,” McCarver said.

Rocks form the weeping wall feature on either side of the swim-up bar, offering a natural gradient from the more modern-style pool tiling. Though the build features these natural elements, the design was kept in a more modern geometric shape to optimize the space for this client’s needs.

“Sleek, straight line design pools have been the leading design style for the last couple of years,” said McCarver.

The shape of the pool is integral to the function and use of it. Keep in mind who will be using the pool the most. For the Valley Mills project, it was created to be a place to lounge and take a laidback swim. Though that’s not the type of pool that every homeowner is looking for.

“Clients that want good usable shallow space [plus] an area for those that want [a place] for kids to jump and play take advantage of the free form design style so they are able to accommodate everyone in their family,” McCarver said. “Things to consider when thinking about building a swimming pool are deciding if you want a diving-style pool, would your family be better served with a shallower, sports-style swimming pool for those that are more active and play games. Do you have anyone with any special needs entering or exiting the water? Do you have any interest in having a spa with the pool for enjoying the warm, soothing jets and relaxing after a hard day of working?”

McCarver explained that there’s also plenty of opportunity to develop the spaces to the clients wishes, whether for safety or style.

“Anyone with small children should consider adding a child safety fence around the pool to help prevent any tragic accidents,” said McCarver. “We can assist clients in designing an outdoor kitchen if they would like to really expand on their outdoor entertaining space.”