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Fixer Upper

HGTV special features two Waco couples


Lacy McNamee was simply taking the dogs out for a walk one evening. She and her husband, Doug, certainly weren’t in the market for a new house. They had a big four-bedroom home on the edge of Castle Heights. They felt no need to move.

But when Lacy walked by a house on Castle Drive that had a Magnolia Homes sign in the yard, she felt compelled to text Joanna Gaines, who, along with her husband Chip, own the company. Two days later, the McNamees were under contract for the house, which needed a little renovating. And by the way, they learned late in the process that the renovation was going to be filmed for the pilot of a TV show.

Thus began the tale of Fixer Upper, the special on HGTV that is going to air this month. It features the Gaineses and their crew doing a major renovation of the McNamees’ new house. Joanna and Chip talked with Wacoan writer Kevin Tankerlsey in the November 2012 issue about the progress of the work, which wrapped up in late October. While Magnolia Homes has renovated many, many houses in the Waco area, the McNamees aren’t strangers to the process either. They have been married for five years and are now living in their third house, having renovated the previous two as well.

Now, Tankersley talks with both couples about their experiences in renovating a house while working around a film crew and its unmovable deadline…

By Kevin Tankersley
Find the full article on page 97 of the May 2013 Wacoan magazine