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Where Nature Meets Art

Dallas Arboretum displays spectacular gardens and glasswork


Picture this: It’s a warm day, but there’s plenty of shade. A pleasant breeze rustles through thousands of broad, green leaves that hang over your head like a great canopy. You’re lying with your back on the soft grass, reading a book, occasionally pausing only to take a sip of ice tea and marvel at the trees and flowers that surround you. Sound too good to be true? Thanks to the Dallas Arboretum, it’s not.

While swimming pools and movie theaters are the traditional ways of escaping the blistering Texas heat, it never hurts to have more options available. The Dallas Arboretum is the perfect solution when you’re tired of washing chlorine out of your hair, and you aren’t in the mood to sit in a dark theater for two hours. It balances the beauty of being outdoors with the bliss of sitting in an air-conditioned cafe. The Dallas Arboretum is a wondrous facility for all ages, toddler to senior, and visiting the lush, whimsical exhibits should be a top priority before the summer ends.

The primary reason to visit the arboretum is for the magnificent gardens. A Woman’s Garden is perhaps the most impressive of the bunch. With intricate fountains, bridges, glimmering streams and reflecting pools, it takes no stretch of the imagination to envision yourself in a Brothers Grimm fantasyland…

By James McMeans
Photos by Matt Tolbert, www.mattallentolbert.com
Find the full article on page 31 of the September 2012 Wacoan magazine