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Molly’s Angels

Uncommon Duty, Uncommon Faith


When 10-year-old Molly Martinsen returned home from surgery for a brainstem tumor last July, her tree-lined street in a quiet North Waco neighborhood was overflowing with smiling faces of people carrying signs, holding cards and shouting their heartfelt greetings. Hundreds of family members, friends, schoolmates and teammates came out to show their support, welcome her home, and do what friends do when one of their own is facing a difficult time. They brought meals, mowed the lawn, shuttled kids, folded laundry, provided gas cards, prayed, hugged, cried, encouraged and showed great faith in what they believed to be God’s plan.

“All the support has been overwhelming,” said Jennifer Martinsen, Molly’s mom. “People have truly used the gifts the Lord gave them to help our family, and we are grateful.”

They were grateful, but not surprised that their friends would be such faithful servants. Since moving here from San Antonio in 2008, the Martinsens have settled in and made good friends.

Dan Martinsen, Molly’s dad, is director of library services and educational technology at McLennan Community College. Her 13-year-old brother, Ben, is in 8th grade at Vanguard College Preparatory School. Her mother, Jennifer — better known as Jen — worked part time at MCC before Molly became ill. She was their wellness coordinator and adjunct faculty for contemporary health and wellness/lifestyle courses.

What they weren’t prepared for, though, was how the paid professionals in their lives — the folks responsible for Molly’s recovery, education and athletic development —would also wrap their arms around the family…

By Gretchen Eichenberg
Find the full article on page 90 of the January 2012 Wacoan magazine