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All That He Can Be

Lee Bewley forges strong Army-Baylor ties


When the Baylor football team kicks off against the University of Oklahoma later this month, the stands at Floyd Casey Stadium will be short one professor.

“I don’t think I’ve ever missed an Army-Baylor Family Day,” Lee Bewley said. “Of course, last year we scored enough points for five or six games.”

Bewley would love to be at a football game on a Saturday in November, cheering for Baylor University with his family. This year, the journey to the stadium is too difficult. Bewley is deployed in Iraq.

Lieutenant Colonel Lee Bewley is the deputy commander for administration and officer in charge of the 47th Combat Support Hospital, the last U.S. military hospital in Iraq that provides Level 3 medical treatment, the highest level of care available within a combat zone. Bewley is also an associate professor and the program director for the Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

One of the many things Bewley is missing while overseas is Baylor’s annual Army-Baylor Family Day. If you were under the impression that the event is an opportunity for the university to honor America’s men and women who are serving their country, you would be only partially correct. The service personnel being honored also happen to be Baylor graduate students and professors participating in a special program…

By Dustin Morrow
Find the full article on page 122 of the November 2011 Wacoan magazine